Easter Sunday in Burgos or Leon?

Leon, Spain

The question was:

I’m planning my Camino for April/May 2014. Holy week will fall during my Camino, and I would like to have a beautiful Easter experience. I was wondering where it would be nicer to spend Easter Sunday, whether in Burgos or in Leon? so any suggestions are welcome!

Do you think it would be feasable to walk between burgos and Leon in five days? So that i could consider Palm Sunday in Burgos, leaving monday morning trying to reach Leon on good friday? And spend Easter vigil/Easter Sunday in Leon?

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What is your favorite place for a rest day?

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I’m relatively new to posting on this board, but I have been reading on here for a while planning for my journey next year with a couple of my family members (from SJPdP to Santiago/Finisterre).

I’m doing some real generic planning (leaving things more open-ended), but I’m interested to know in advance what some people’s favorite places to rest for a day are. Whether it’s for scenic beauty, history, culture, art, etc., where would you recommend stopping off for a day to just simply enjoy and take in the local offerings? We plan to rest about 1 day a week, so it would be great to know from people’s experiences where to shoot for these days of rest.

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