Phones in Spain

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My girlfriend and I are planning to do the Camino in April and are thinking that at some point we may spend time walking alone. What I would like to know is if anyone knows if we can rent phones so we can call each other while in Spain. We won’t need the phone to call home(U.S.), or any place outside of Spain. We don’t want to use our own phone, but are hoping for a local inexpensive service for a month in Spain.

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What about Cell phones – SIM with data service on the Camino de Santiago?

SIM card for your Camino de Santiago

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We took unlocked cellphones to Spain a couple years ago. No trouble getting cheap SIM cards (Orange) and they were used in both Spain and France largely to reserve ahead for Gites in France. I would have bought a data plan as well for email service but we were refused because we didn’t have a permanent Spanish address. We are returning to walk the Via Francigenia this fall. We should make it from England to the Swiss border. Has anyone else had this problem of buying a SIM card with data service? Will we run into the same problem in England? France? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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Do I need a cellphone on my Camino de Santiago?

Do I need a phone on my Camino de Santiago?

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I’m considering whether to bring my iphone on the Frances route this April. I’d like not to.
To the extent I need to communicate with home, I can do it from villages along the way at internet cafes.

I suppose my biggest concern is that I may need it to call ahead for reservations each day. Thoughts?

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