Easter Sunday in Burgos or Leon?

Leon, Spain

The question was:

I’m planning my Camino for April/May 2014. Holy week will fall during my Camino, and I would like to have a beautiful Easter experience. I was wondering where it would be nicer to spend Easter Sunday, whether in Burgos or in Leon? so any suggestions are welcome!

Do you think it would be feasable to walk between burgos and Leon in five days? So that i could consider Palm Sunday in Burgos, leaving monday morning trying to reach Leon on good friday? And spend Easter vigil/Easter Sunday in Leon?

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Easter in Santiago de Compostela

Easter is around the corner and the local government has presented a new website that is focused on presenting the easter program. As you may know, in Spain easter is know for their easter easter processions (see photo).

In Santiago de Compostela this year there will be 14 of these processions. Each procession walks a different route, click on one to see the route and to get some more historical information on each route. It seems like English is not available.

For more information on the easter celebrations in Santiago de Compostela, have a look here:


To get an idea of what a procession is like, have a look at this video: