From Santiago, should I walk to Muxia or Finisterre first?

Finisterre light house
Finisterre light house

The question was:

Can anyone suggest which is the best route to go?
Santiago to Muxia to Fisterrra (then bus back)
Santiago to Fisterra to Muxia (then bus back)
Veer left or veer right at Hospital?
I have a feeling that Fisterra should really be the last point in the journey.

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Any recommendations for accommodation in Finisterre? The Finisterre lighthouse hotel?


Finisterre light house

The question was:

 Anybody got contact details for the Finisterre lighthouse hotel or better accommodation in Finisterre? :D

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Can I take the bus to Finisterre?


The question was:

I wanna know if there are any bus services I can avail from Santiago to Finisterre? And how much time does it take to reach there by bus? Can I reach Finisterre, spend some time and get back to Santiago in the same day?

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