iPad for the Camino de Santiago?

Should I bring my ipad on my Camino de Santiago?
iPad for the Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

I am considering whether to bring my ipad this year, to be able to communicate with home more easily and hopefully keep a blog.

But I have a couple of questions for those of you with some experience and knowledge.

I remember reading somewhere that it’s hard to make blog posts on an ipad and that a special “ap” is recommended. Can someone please explain this to me? I don’t ever use aps, I just use the internet, is there a difference? And what about this special ap idea?

Will I be able to upload pictures from my camera to my blog on the ipad? Is this complicated?

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TIP: Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino

Should I bring my ipad on my Camino de Santiago?

Not really a question, but an interesting writup by one of our forum members:

Or How to stay connected when you don’t want to be…

Much of this Forum’s questions are related to various technology issues that pilgrims want to address prior to leaving on their Camino. I have tried to capture as much of the information from various people’s posts to pull together a single location for information that will be a primer for future pilgrims to turn to. It should be a FAQ for the technically inclined.
May I caveat this first by stating that most people go on the Caminos to get away for their current lifestyle and a part of that is usually our inherent dependence on technology. One must keep this in mind when they travel with other pilgrims and be discrete and conscientious in the use of anything that can become an annoyance. Loud Ipod music or constantly beeping phones does not make for a good pilgrim experience.
Having said that, let’s look at some key reasons you may want to have technology with you on the Camino and some of the suggested solutions. The emphasis is on weight, cost, and functionality.

It is broken into several parts:
Web Logs
Voice/Sound recording

I hope this is of value to those that may be wondering about questions and I hope that others can provide more insight into certain areas. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

Download the full word document and read comments from other pilgrims on Tech and the Camino de Santiago.