Walking from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Sarria to Santiago

The question was:

Me and my mother are going to walk Sarria -Santiago, we have 10 days and three are travelingdays.

I saw that the best option probably is to take the bus from Santiago to Sarria and walk the way back. But we feel that it would be like opening the biggest christmas present before christmas :roll:

Got a tips from the pilgrimage office in norway that we can take buss number 200 from the airport and will get to Avenue de America, where do we fint the bus to Sarria? Do we need to book a room? We are gonna walk from 10-20 April!

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Do I need to walk the last 100km on the same trip to get the compostela?

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

This is an often asked question that until recently has been answered with a “Yes”, but now things seems to have changed.

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