What is the best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid?

Map of Spain

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How difficult is it to get back to Madrid from Santiago de Compostela? I was thinking bus, but not too sure about a 7-hour bus ride. Looks like plane tickets are really cheap, but I don’t want to buy in advance, because I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be arriving in Santiago.

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How to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port from Madrid, Paris or Barcelona?

Saint Jean Pied de Port
Saint Jean Pied de Port

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How will I get to Saint jean Pied de port to start the trip?

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Delays on Iberia flights in Madrid


If you are flying into or out of Terminal 4 in Madrid these days, you are in for delays. Ever since Christmas Iberia pilots have had a “hidden” strike/slow-down. ElPais has the last of many articles on this today since it seems like the air traffic controllers are also now helping out with slowing things down. It was reported that 7 air traffic controllers also are out on sick leave as of yesterday.

On TV last night it was reported that the average delay in terminal 4 (The Iberia terminal) was 50 minutes. Some people were waiting for hours and some less.

There seems to be no/little delays for other airlines that flies out of the other terminals on Barajas airport (Madrid).

All this makes travels to and from Santiago de Compotela, or other destinations along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela more difficult.

It just got easier to travel to Madrid

El Correo Gallego reports today that between 140 and 160 seats were sold of the 189 available seats on the first Ryanair flights between Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. This means that about 80% of the seats were sold, a pretty good number. As of yesterday, Ryanair flies to and from Madrid twice daily.

According to El Correo Gallego, may furure flights are also already sold out, especially those on weekends and dates around some key christmast dates.

So as of yesterday, the price war between Iberia, Spanair and Ryanair is on on this popular route.