Pilgrim tip: A suggested packlist

So you have bought your plane ticket, you have a few days left until you leave and you are finetuning your backpack. And the the doubt comes in “Have I forgotten anything?”.

Have a look at what other pilgrims suggests as a pack list in our Camino Wiki.

There inevitably will be a clash of opinions about what to take on the pilgrimage.  Remember — you will be carrying these things on your back for 30+ days.  Think carefully about every item that you carry.  Many supplies can be purchased en route if needed;  particularly, the pharmacies along the camino specialize in foot care products and advice.

What sleeping bag is best?

Sleeping bag for the Camino de Santiago
Many pilgrims ask in the forum about “What sleeping bag should I take on my pilgrimage?”. Some bring one from home and some buy one once they arrive in Spain.

The answer to this question depends ofcourse on when, and what camino you are walking. Here is one post realted to sleeping bags on the Via de la Plata from Sevilla for example.

Or as this topic indicates, “Do you really need one?“.

For more usefull links on the “sleeping bag” topic have a look here.

Pilgrim tip: 3 terms to know


The Compostela Certificate

If you are new to the pilgrimage to Santiago, you may not know some of the “lingo”.

3 terms that are helpful to know are:

In the forum, this is all explained here in this post. Another good place for some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the pilgrimage would be this page that is maintained by the Confraternity of Saint James in London.