Pilgrims meeting up in Santiago de Compostela?

Pilgrims meeting up in Santiago de Compostela?

The question was:

So, what I’m wondering is whether we could find some place in Santiago where Forum members (and anyone else who’s feeling sociable) could go at 7 pm (or some other time) and meet others who might have arrived in Santiago on the same day.

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The Pilgrims Passport

pilgrim passport
The pilgrims passport, of the Credencial, is what pilgrims bring with them on their walk collecting stamps along the way, proving that hey have walked “all the way”. It is recommended to get two stamps per day if you are walking from within Galicia.

Once you arrive at the pilgrims office in Santiago, before they will give you your compostela, the will check this passport and the stamps to make sure you did not skip stages, and actually walked all the way.

You can get this pilgrims passport at one of the many albergues, or at the pilgrims office in Santiago. Local Confraternities around the world also sends this out for a fee.

Here is a conversation on the Pilgrims passport from the forum.

Walking Stick anyone?

Many pilgrims in the forum are wondering about if they should buy a walking stick, what type and if this stick can be brought with you on the plane. Another option is to just pick up a stick on your way and walking it to Santiago.This option is cheap, flexible and gives someone in Santiago free wood for their fireplace.

The photo above show the number of walking sticks left behind at the pilgrims office in Santiago de Compostela.

More references to walking sticks can be found here.

Pilgrims office still busy

As we know, august is the big vacation month in Spain and therefore most Spaniards walking the Camino do it this month.

The line at the pilgrims office today around 11.45 was quite long, but this is also the peak time of the day to get your compostela, since most pilgrim walk into town around that time.

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