TIP: Rain gear recommendations


The question was:

We are walking from Leon in May. I’ve read it can be VERY rainy….would appreciate suggestions on how to stay dry and where in the U.S. to purchase. We have Gortex jackets and rain pants, but that might not be the best? thanks for advice. :D

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Should I take an umbrella for my Camino de Santiago?


The question was:

I’m tempted to take an umbrella. I’ve found them useful in the past when it is raining – especially for evenings/rest days. I also wondered – for this trip – if one might be useful on those bits where you have to walk in the sun and there is no shade?

. . . but – even though mine only weighs 138g – it’s still 138g more than I really want to carry . . .

What do people think?

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Jacket and Poncho or just Poncho?

Jacket and Poncho or just Poncho?

The question was:

I’ve got a long ‘altus type’ poncho (a thinner one), and was thinking of taking a cheap rain jacket as well to wear to keep the wind off and if it’s cold but not actually raining. I can’t imagine walking around in the long poncho unless it’s raining, and I don’t think it would be very warm. What do you think? Is two too much?

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