When do you book your flight out of Santiago?

Travel home after the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Does anyone have experience with waiting to book your outward journey from Santiago until you’ve arrived (or perhaps when you’re close enough to the end that you can tell when you’ll be getting there)? I’m keen to have a general plan, but would harbour hopes of walking a bit quicker….if we arrived in Santiago with four or five days to spare I’d love to zip back to Paris and spend the time there before returning home. If we had pre-booked tickets it would cost to change them. But will it cost more to be buying at the last minute? And if so, how much more? And what would the chances of getting three seats on the same flight be?

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Ryanair NOT to start flights to Brussels in June 2009


UPDATED: The day after this news appeared in El Correo Gallego, the same paper reported that all this was a misunderstanding. There will be no new route between santiago and Brussels.

El Correo Gallego reports today that Ryanair is planning to open a new route from Santiago de Compostela to Brussels in June. There will be 3 flights per week, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So people in the Brussels area could make it a long weekend and visit the town of Santiago de Compostela.

The airport in Brussels that will be used, Charleroi,  is located about 6km from town.

Ryanair also indicated that for holy year 2010 they are thinking of adding more routes, but that this all depends on how the negotiation with the local government in Santiago (and the new Xunta that just got elected) goes.

It just got easier to travel to Madrid

El Correo Gallego reports today that between 140 and 160 seats were sold of the 189 available seats on the first Ryanair flights between Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. This means that about 80% of the seats were sold, a pretty good number. As of yesterday, Ryanair flies to and from Madrid twice daily.

According to El Correo Gallego, may furure flights are also already sold out, especially those on weekends and dates around some key christmast dates.

So as of yesterday, the price war between Iberia, Spanair and Ryanair is on on this popular route.

Spanair and Iberia lower prices as Ryanair moves in

As Ryanair is about to open their two new daily routes from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid, Iberia and now also Spanair have announced that they will lower prices. All this according to today’s El Correo Gallego.

Iberia is said to lower prices on a Santiago – Madrid flight from about 140 euro to as low as 60 euro. Todays article in El Correo Gallego indicates that Spanair is willing to go as low as 22 euros per flight (taxes probably not included).

Ryanair start Novermber 18th (2008) with two daily flights from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid.