Can you start in Lourdes and walked to St. Jean Pied de Port?

Can I buy a guidebook in Saint Jean Pied de Port?

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I am going to do the Camino Frances starting in Mid-Feb. I was wondering if anyone at all started in Lourdes and walked to St. Jean? I was debating if I was going to train to Lourdes back to Bayonne and then down to St. Jean or just walk? I didn’t realize how close Lourdes was to St. Jean until recently. I’d like to go because my first religious experience was at La Grotte Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, which is a replica of the grotto at Lourdes. So it would be amazing to go.

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How to travel from Pamplona to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (SJPdP)



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I know this is a much discussed topic, but please bear with me! I have just visited Alsa’s website and it seems there is no bus service to SJPdP or Roncesvalles from Pamplona (at least not at this time). Sharon and I will be in Pamplona May 10th, 2014 and after spending a day soaking up that beautiful city, we will leave for SJPdP on May 12th. So, I’m hoping there are peregrinos/peregrinas out in Forumland who will be in Pamplona during those dates and would like to share a taxi to SJPdP on May 12th. I’ll keep checking Alsa’s website to see if anything changes. I really thought there was a bus to Roncesvalles and from there a taxi…maybe I missed something?

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To start in St. Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles?

Saint Jean Pied de Port

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I notice on the Camino Forum that some people prefer to start their Camino walk from Roncesvalles, as opposed to starting from St. Jean Pied de Port. What is the main reason for this? The pilgrim’s guidebook I am reading recommends starting from St. Jean Pied de Port.

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Why do so many start in Saint Jean Pied de Port?

Saint Jean Pied de Port

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Considering the complications to get to S.Jean Pied de Port, especially for anyone landing in Spain or coming from Spain/Portugal/Southern France, I always wonder why so many of these people want to start their Camino in SJPP!

I remember that when I was a hospitalera, I always gave a “congratulations” type comment when I saw SJPP as the starting point on their Credential. (There was also the occasional Pilgrim who started even further away).

However, although I have started my Camino 3 times in Roncesvalles, I have never even taken into consideration to get myself to SJPP!

My reasoning was simply, why make an uphill and downhill struggle, risking my feet, ankles, legs, etc. when I am just at the beginning of my Camino. Take it slowly for the first few days, is the eternal recommendation!

I also took my age into consideration, plus that fact that we arrive from Costa Rica, which means a 20 hours non-stop journey, before we get to our starting point.

During those first days, when one is getting your body used to this new “way of life”, I have seen many, many people nursing blisters, or worse, and all have blamed the walk over the Pyrenees as culprit.

So, Forum Guests, past and future Pilgrims, what is your comment?

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