Do I need to walk the last 100km on the same trip to get the compostela?

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

This is an often asked question that until recently has been answered with a “Yes”, but now things seems to have changed.

Read all about what our Camino de Santiago forum member JohnnieWalker has to say about this (he volunteers at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela).

Pilgrim tip: 3 terms to know


The Compostela Certificate

If you are new to the pilgrimage to Santiago, you may not know some of the “lingo”.

3 terms that are helpful to know are:

In the forum, this is all explained here in this post. Another good place for some frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the pilgrimage would be this page that is maintained by the Confraternity of Saint James in London.