How do I get from Bayonne to SJPP (Saint Jean Pied de Port)


How do I get from bayonne to SJPP (Saint Jean Pied de Port)

The quetion was:

I found that there is no train service form Bayonne to Saint Jean Pied de Port, but there is a bus service (is this true?). Can you help me to book a seat and find the address from where the bus depart?

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Can I transport my bike on trains and busses in Spain?

Biking the Camino de Santiago
Biking the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

We will by cycling from Burges to Santiago and then we need to get back to Burgos. To do so, we need to load our bikes on a train or bus. [Is this possible?]

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New AVE (high speed train) Madrid – Barcelona

A few days ago the new high speed train service (AVE) between Madrid and Barcelona was introduced. Could be useful for someone trying to get to/get home from the camino.

Some more information:
— 17 departures daily Madrid to Barcelona (and another 17 going back)
— Duration: About 2 hours and 40 minutes (speeds up to 300km/h)
— First train leaves at 06.00, last at 21.00
— Regular price varies between about €100 and € 160
(Note: If you book online at least 15 days ahead may get you a ticket for as low as €40)

This promotional video shows the train and the trayectory that the new rout takes:


More on the RENFE website.