When do you book your flight out of Santiago?

Travel home after the Camino de Santiago

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Does anyone have experience with waiting to book your outward journey from Santiago until you’ve arrived (or perhaps when you’re close enough to the end that you can tell when you’ll be getting there)? I’m keen to have a general plan, but would harbour hopes of walking a bit quicker….if we arrived in Santiago with four or five days to spare I’d love to zip back to Paris and spend the time there before returning home. If we had pre-booked tickets it would cost to change them. But will it cost more to be buying at the last minute? And if so, how much more? And what would the chances of getting three seats on the same flight be?

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Is it normal to get nervous before your Camino de Santiago trip?

Stress about traveling to the Camino de Santiago

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It wasn’t really a panic attack, but today I am 13 days away from getting on a plane and touching down in Paris to begin the biggest adventure of my life.
I’m a worrier by nature, but every couple of years I say “Screw it. Life is too short,” and I do something that scares me.

Trips I take don’t usually sink in until a week or a few days before I leave. When I first decided to walk the Camino my mind kept me awake at night going through all the things that could possibly go wrong between Paris and Madrid(where I’ll be flying home from). Now, I am oscillating between excitement and asking myself “What the h-ll are you doing?”

Anyone else have the same feelings before your Caminos?

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Iberia pilots to strike every monday and friday until July 20th

Iberia Pilot Strike
Iberia Pilot Strike

The Iberia pilots are threatening to strike on every friday and monday starting on April 9th to July 20th (2012) according to El Pais.

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Direct flights to and from Santiago de Compostela

As part of your Camino de Santiago planning I am sure you have been looking into how to get here or return home from Santiago de Compostela. The blog Aeronoticiario Santiago has compiled this map, showing the destinations with a direct flight to the Santiago de Compostela airport.

Click the blue pin to get information on what airline flies to each destination.

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How do I reduce Jet Lag traveling to the Camino de Santiago?

How do I reduce Jet Lag traveling to the Camino de Santiago?

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What is your best advice to reduce the impacts of Jet Lag? Spain is 8 hours ahead of my current time zone and would love to know any proven practices!

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