Pilgrims interviewed

Pilgrims come from all sorts of life, from all over the world. In this video some of them tell their story. We hear from our forum member amado ( he walked barefoot from SJPP) and our own JohnnieWalker.

Camino de Santiago Snoring

On the Camino people snore. There is no way you can get around it, that when many people sleep in the same room, there will be one of them that will suffer from this…problem. Because of this earplugs have become a very important piece of equipment for pilgrims.

Northern Spain gets snow

[tube]vqWXgkxI-Ms[/tube] León, December 14th 2008 This video is from Sunday December 14th in Leon, and is just one example of the weather in northern Spain in the last few days. Many mountain passes has been closed for cars and some you needed chains to be able to pass. On one mountain pass in Asturias, 50…

Chove en Santiago (Raining in Santiago)

Luar na Lubre (more on them at Wikipedia here) is one of the most known groups from Galicia and I thought it would be fitting to add this video to the blog today since it has been raining in Santiago for the last 2 weeks. We need the water…. but some sun would be nice…

New AVE (high speed train) Madrid – Barcelona

A few days ago the new high speed train service (AVE) between Madrid and Barcelona was introduced. Could be useful for someone trying to get to/get home from the camino. Some more information: — 17 departures daily Madrid to Barcelona (and another 17 going back) — Duration: About 2 hours and 40 minutes (speeds up…

The Camino Welcomes you….

[tube]RMOIAbUDQNA[/tube] José Alvarez has a production company and has made several pilgrim documentaries on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This video is 10 minutes of one of them, Spanish is spoken but there are English subtitles.

Jazz Man

If you have walked the street of Santiago de Compostela old town, you may have heard some blues guitar played by our own Jazz Man. He used to sit in Rua de Vilar, but lately I have seen him on Plaza de Quintana.