Am I the only one who won’t walk in the rain?

Am I the only one who won't walk in the rain?

The question was:

I learned on my last long-distance hike that I *hate* walking in the rain. This was reconfirmed yesterday when it started pouring during one of my training hikes. It kind of sealed the deal that, as much as possible, I will not be walking the camino when it’s raining. I’ll either hunker down in a town for a couple days (assuming there’s enough there to keep me interested) or cab ahead. I refuse to spend hours cold, wet and miserable slogging through the rain. I keep reading about people walking day after day in the rain and I can’t believe I’m the only one who isn’t willing to do that…

NOTE: I may be overly-sensitive about the rain given what the recent tropical storm/hurricane has done to the weather patterns here… :)

Read the good advice on walking the Camino de Santiago in the rain here.

Weather in Santiago de Compostela

Photo from El Correo gallego

We have had over 30c weather the last few weeks and not a cloud in the sky.

But boy has this changes over the last few days. This photo is from El Correo Gallego and says it all. No poncho, rain coat or umbrella will keep you dry in this type of weather.

By th eway, if you encounter such weather while on the camino, stop and order a “Café con Leche” and once you are done drinking it, the sun might be out. The weather changes fast in Galicia.

Northern Spain gets snow

León, December 14th 2008

This video is from Sunday December 14th in Leon, and is just one example of the weather in northern Spain in the last few days.

Many mountain passes has been closed for cars and some you needed chains to be able to pass. On one mountain pass in Asturias, 50 cars needed to be rescued.

Pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago will have a hard time on the higher mountain passes these days as well, 40cm of new snow was reported around O Cebreiro a few days ago. Some of this might have melted during the day, but still.

To get an idea of the weather for the next few days, have a look at the TVE weather report. More on this in the forum.

Northern Spain getting ready for 100 km/h wind

Photo from La Voz de Galicia

TV news broadcasts has been warning for the last few days now. Fishermen on the Finisterre coast are told to stay at harbour and pilgrims need to get their ponchos out.

Have a look at the lates weather report, or take a look at some weather related information from the wiki.