Chove en Santiago (Raining in Santiago)

Luar na Lubre (more on them at Wikipedia here) is one of the most known groups from Galicia and I thought it would be fitting to add this video to the blog today since it has been raining in Santiago for the last 2 weeks. We need the water…. but some sun would be nice now.

The video and the song is great, so enjoy!

Big waves in Coruña

We have had some strong winds in Galicia in the last few days, but nothing out of the ordinary. Even so, the waves at sea has been enormous.

The light house of Cabo Vilan (just north of Finisterre) recorded waves of up to 20 meters yesterday, and as you can see on the beach-front in La Coruña large amounts of water entered the city.

The weather report can report of calmer weather from now on. 🙂