Telephone calls from Spain to Home?

The question was:

Can anyone tell me what is the best and cheapest way to phone home to California? Are there phone cards I can purchase? Should I take my cell? I heard US cell phones don’t work very well?

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  1. It looks as though no one is particularly interested in calling home from the camino.

  2. Rather send text messages. I blocked my phone for voice calls and only send text messages.  Phone cards are obtainable but the shop staff in Spain/France cannot easily communicate or help in English. Second time I went I got a World Phone card which I used from public phones. Worked out much cheaper.

  3. Go to a cyber or locutorio call from there usually the cost is under one US dollar. The cost 30 minutes of computer time is also very cheap.

  4. In some hostels, like ours in Estella, we offer free wifi and public computers. You can use VoIP (with programs like skype, line, viber or similar) and call home from the phone or from computers.

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