The Albergue is born, the first Camino de Santiago Social Network

A few days ago the Camino de Santiago Albergue was born. A Social Network (a lot like Facebook). At the albergue it is easy to share photos and videos, and with the “Groups”feature, there is no limits to the number of Camino related sub-forums that can be created.

Another thing that I think could be useful is the groups feature. Any user in the albergue could create a group on a specific camino related topic. This could be “Fans of the albergue in Rabanal”, “Pilgrims from Poland”, “Camino food lovers” or a Confraternity of a certain country. These would be sub-communities that would live within the larger albergue. The person that creates a group would be the person that runs the group and that would be responsible for the group. We could call them hospitaleros? :-) One could create a group that anyone could add themselves to or there is also a possibility to create a group where only certain people could become members (moderated membership). I will be of course helping out with any technical questions if this is needed.

Find more photos like this on Camino de Santiago Albergue

In the albergue each user get a “My page” (a profile page), this is mine:
… here all the messages, photos, videos and all comment I have made are collected in one place. This would be “your” place in the albergue.

Posting a message (and photos) to your profile can be done via the web, but also be done via e-mail. Each user has gets a secret e-mail address (you find it in your “Settings” page). Sending an e-mail with text and a photo to this e-mail address (from your phone maybe?) will post this photo and text automatically to your profile. As I said, it could be “Finally arrived in Sarria after a long day”. Shorter messages that then other members could comment on and there could be interaction there… since this shows up on your profile, people followign your walk could keep an eye on that profile and see how things are going. This is not so easy in the forum.

All messages posted are visible to members and non members.