The Camino de Santiago in 14 days, where to start?

The Camino de Santiago in 14 days, where to start?

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I only have 14 walking days available due to work constraints and traveling to/from the US. I have read several times that I can start in Leon and finish within this time frame. However I have also read that the beginning segements are great. Would you recommend starting at Leon and walking to Santiago or rather start in St Jean walk to Pamlona then bus occasionally in order to make the whole trek in 14 days? I’m not sure if I will come back so want to maximize the entire trip/view.

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  1. You will come back, because you will love the Camino 🙂 I use 3 weeks last year from Burgos to Leon, And I will recomend you start in Leon, To reach Santiago is fantastic, dont miss this

    1. How many miles did you walk each day.  Did you have time to explore in cities of interest?

  2. Start in St Jean pied de port. Fantastic to cross the mountain and to walk the part of the camino witch is the least busy. People are more friendly and its a part of the camino witch will make you feel more like a pilgrim:) And , you will be back for the rest later. 🙂 Buen camino

  3. I will doing 2 weeks as well, I never thought of just doing it in sections and coming back. I know I cant do the whole trail in 2 weeks I knew but I was going to try and figuire out what would take 2 weeks to end up at the steps

  4. Try Leon – I walked from there to Santiago in 11 days, but it was in a hurry. 14 days sounds just okay to start from there.

    1. I walked from St John PP to Burgos in 12 days. It was amazing and a shame to miss out on the earlier stages. I hope to be back next year for 17-18 days…. Buen Camino!!

  5. Because I also had little time walking the Camino in december 2011, I started in St. Palais (walking to SJPdP is great!) and did an average of 40 km a day till Leon. Will be finishing the rest later in life. Had a fantastic, but hard 520 k Camino.

    Buen camino!

  6. Have you wondered about doing the C. Primitivo? 14 days are enough to do the whole walk, it is not crowded at all, it goes across great landscapes. It is worth doing it, all the way from Oviedo to Santiago. We did it last year with a good friend of mine, we had 2 weeks as well, and we had 3 days left to go to the Atlantic, to Finisterra also… 🙂 Buen Camino. 🙂

    1. Hi Szidonia, I know you posted a while ago but I am planning to do the Primitivo in just over 2 weeks and wanted to know how many KMs you walked each day. are the mountains easy to walk over? What time of year did you do it?
      Many thanks

  7. The Camino Frances is too crowded now.. Do the Portugese from Porto,, 11 , 12 days… L
    eave you just enough time to walk to Finisterra.. or at least part of the way

  8. This post is over a year old. Why do they post these to FB? How about a current thread?

    1. perhaps it’s because the information remains relevant for those who are new to the site…

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