The Camino is not for everyone



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The first part is a no-brainer: There are some people who simply are not cut out for long-distance hikes, physically or mentally. A 700 km. walk, or even the minimum requirement of 100 km., would be detrimental to their health. They would quickly fall ill or hurt themselves if they attempted it.

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  1. I recently walked the Camino Frances from St. Jean to Muxia. I can say that it is both physical and mental. Can anyone do it? No. I met too many people taking buses or taxi’s because one they just got too tired or two they got hurt and were not able to keep on their schedule. The Camino plays with you. It plays with your head and your body. And Iam not speaking of the two week or weekend tourist. That is something different. It’s not long enough to be in this discussion. You will learn to assist your body and mental state along the way. Taking breaks, talking with other pilgrims, trying to eat well and staying hydrated. Also, assisting other pilgrims along the route is beneficial too.

  2. It’s not for everyone. It’s not the ‘walking’ that undoes you, it’s the constant walking, in the cold, the rain, the hail, the snow, the loneliness, the isolation. It’s battling all those things – not the walking – that gives you that amazing feeling at the end. All the good things are rewards for having done it, but nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment like battling your inner demons and having reached your (daily/hourly/moment by moment) goal.
    And yes, there are taxi signs in the most outlandish places! And everyone gets good at reading a bus timetable eventually, but that’s NOBODY’S BUSINESS. You – You go do your Camino, and be so busy doing your Camino that what anyone else is doing – and how they’re doing it – doesn’t entertain you in the slightest.

  3. I believe The Camino is for everyone. However one chooses to accomplish the walk , it’s their Camino. Who are we to judge?

  4. You can do the camino if you know yourself ! The camino say at least 200km walking, requieres both phisical and phisitical force, you can walk fast or slow, stop once or several times during the day, you can share your esperience or walk alone, all depend on tour decision. One suggestion the first day take easy.

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