The importance of tying your shoelaces correctly

The importance of tying your shoelaces correctly

This comment from an unlucky pilgrim:

Thursday October 11th 2012
Casar de Caceres – Canaveral

We were just coming up to one of the bridges across the Embalse de Alcantara (reservoir) when the loop from one of my boot laces got caught in the other boot and I went flying over into the road. Two scratched knees, one broken finger on my left hand (home made splint working quite well) and a badly bruised right hand.

The very next day we caught up with two young German girls and the exact same accident happened to one of them on the same day and on the same stretch of road. She ended up with a badly cut knee.

We are both as they would say “on the road again”.

My laces are now tied to the very end – no loops left.

Having an exhausting but brilliant Camino.

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