The Pilgrimage to Santiago as of 1988

The pilgrims form gets many new members each week, but this week one special person signed up and share his story. He walked the Camino de Santiago in 1988 and tells his story in this post.


Because I started in Pamplona in July the bulge of those headed to Santiago for the feast day was well ahead of me and I guess there were about 5-10 people per day on the path with me. Accomodations were very hit and miss, but no “lining up” for beds as I’ve read elsewhere on this board is happening now.

The flechas amarillas were being finalized (by who, I have no idea) but there were enough gaps that it was still possible to get lost. The selection of refugios was all over the place and I overnighted in church basements, gymnasiums, abandoned houses, seminaries, municipal buildings and camped under the stars a few times.

And how does one learn of the Camino de Santiago in 1988?

One weekend, while I was hitchhiking through the Pais Vasco, I asked a truck driver that had picked me up about the Camino and he gave me Millan Bravo Lozano’s name and told me I should look for his book on the Camino in the library. I did and I spent the rest of the semester planning my walk.

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