The pilgrims office

The pilgrims office in Santiago de Compostela is where pilgrims go with their credential and receive their “compostela”. It is a busy place, specially in the summer months of July and August.

Services that are offered by the Pilgrims Office:

  • Welcoming pilgrims and issuing the Compostela
  • Left luggage for pilgrims
  • Bicycle parking
  • Toilets for pilgrims, including facilities for disabled people
  • Albergue
  • Service returning bicycles home

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 9.00 – 21.00 (In summer: from Palm Sunday to 31 October).
Monday to Sunday 10.00 – 20.00 (In winter: from 1 November to Palm Sunday). Please note that in winter on Sundays and Festivals the office is closed from 2 – 4pm.

The Pilgrims’ Office is open during these hours every day of the year with the EXCEPTION of Christmas Day – 25 December, and New Year’s Day – 1 January. If you complete your pilgrimage on these days your Compostela can be obtained in the Cathedral.

Have a look at the Pilgrims Office website for up to date opening hours.

Statistics: The pilgrims office is also the only place to get up to date statistics on pilgrims. Have a look at the latest updated pilgrim statistics here.

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  • DeMar

    Spanish Customs lost my Compostela.
    I spent several weeks in Granada after completing the Camino. Unfortunately I mailed a lot of my gear, my pilgrim’s credentials, and my Compostela home so I wouldn’t have to carry them around. Spanish Customs opened my box for inspection and replaced someone else’s things in my box, which I received after returning home. I have contacted Spanish Customs for help, but have received no reply.
    If I supply my name, home city, point of origin, and completion date can I get another Compostela sent to me? To whom can I write?

  • ilze mostert

    My dad, is on the pilgrims tour and would probably be in santiago on sunday 20 October 2013. He is walking by himself and going through a very diificult time in his life. It is his birthday on sunday and i was wondering if there is a way of organizing something special for him? regards from south africa ilze Mostert

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