“The Way” a movie with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez

The Way” (available on DVD) is the name of a film that was released in 2010 in Spain, early 2011 in the UK and Ireland and will open September 30th 2011 in the USA. The film is a story of a father (Martin Sheen) that walks the Camino de Santiago with his sons (Emilio Estevez) ashes, from Saint Jean de Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela.


There have been written several very good reviews of this movie, here are a few:

Our own pilgrims also have their opinion on this movie, more on that here:

Have you seen it? Please add your thoughts in our Camino de Santiago forum here.

“The Way” in the media around the World:

“The Way” on NPR.

Interview of Martin Sheen by Channel 4 (UK)

The Way
The DVD of  “The Way” is available on www.amazon.co.uk.

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  • G.L. (JILL)


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  • Rmitchell400

    How can I find out where this movie is playing?

    • Have a look here: http://theway-themovie.com/

    • HDHunter

      The Way is an excellent film which most cinemas seem reluctant to show.  My local cinema showed it once only on the Silver Screen at a midday showing.  Other than that the nearest showing at the time was in the city of York, 176 miles away.  Would dearly like to see it again, so please ‘where is this movie playing’?

    • Phil

      Please dont watch it in a cinema, buy the DVD and savour it at home where you can watch over and over again, as you will always find something that you missed the first time. The humour is subtle the acting is first class and the direction is touching, very moving, brilliant film

  • DeeDiva

    The movie “the Way” is INCREDIBLE!  A MUST-SEE.  Stephanie West made an error in this report.  Martin Sheen’s birth name is Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez – not his father.  His father’s name is Francisco Estevez, not Ramon.

  • nana1500

    Loved this movie.  Above all the cinematography was beautiful.  It was poignant, & funny with a few surprises thrown in.  Highly recommended. 

  • Lauraluna9

    My name is Laura Luna. In the movie THE WAY The silk ribbons attached to the Cruz de Ferro in Foncebadon were they leave the stones were attached there  by me. I was walking with a group of friends from all over the world and I brought  about two hundreds of prayers written in this ribbons  from Miami, Florida, USA. The filming crew was walking a day behind us.  It was a surprise to see them in the movie!!! 

    • Rreilly Witt

      I too am from Miami near the zoo. Can you tell me more about your journey?

    • susannemdickmann

      Dear Laura, I was flipping through channels tonight when I came across the movie on German TV. I used to live in Spain until last October, and the Camino would be a dream to accomplish. I enjoyed watching it and got very emotional, and started goggleing it while watching and found this post. At first I believed that maybe I had missed that part, what a shame! But just then the ribbons appeared on the screen. Your comment here made the movie that much more special, because it stepped out of the movie and made a connection to some real people. I sincerely hope that all those prayers were heard. God bless! Susanne in Germany x

  • JOan

    Inspired us to make the pilgrimage summer, 2012!

  • A fantastic movie, very inspiring, sometimes funny, always beautiful!

  • Lyndita

    A wonderful recall of our Camino past Setp/Oct 2011.  Where can I purchase a copy??????I would absolutely love to own this movie and watch it a thousand times.  Highly recommend everyone able walk the Walk once in their lifetime.

    • littleanne

      Lyndita- How was th weather that time of year– I am just starting to play with the idea of going last week in Sept this year 2013

  • Drm447

    Loved this movie. Beautiful scenery. Thought provoking story. We need more movies of this quality. They’re very rare these days. 

  • Catguy001

    Thank you

  • theparkie

    To Laura Luna,
    You taught art to my daughter many years ago. We have a project called ” 10 Parks in 10 Years” to benefit Parkinson’s Disease. We are planing to do The Camino(last 100 kilometers) as a way of fundraising for Team Fox. It will be done April 2014.
    I would love to have some of your views, and experiences. We are also going to try and do a documentary. You can find us on Facebook as “The Walk for a cure” please come and join us there. It would be an honor to have such a great Artist comment for us. Miriam Pizarro

    • Bohemiana

      Can you provide a specific link?

  • Bigdon

    Fabulous movie showing the differences in natures, thoughts, feelings and emotions that people thrown together from disparate places have and how they pull together in the journey. The Camino is a brilliant backdrop that is thoroughly integral to the story.

  • Ellenv

    Very inspiring  wopuld love to walk it.  made me cry…

  • Taotega

    Scusate se qualcuno parla italiano vorrei tanto sapere se il film e uscito in completo???????anche in qualsiasi lingua!!!!!!!grazie.thanks!!!!


  • Marco Pesce

    Great movie. It has inspired my wife and I to walk the Camino in the spring of 2014.

  • Anil Dsouza

    i saw this movie on the flight back home to India from Qatar. when the time comes i will surely do the walk all the way from France to Spain perhaps with my uncle who is a Jesuit priest

  • francesca

    I am Francesca, I haven’t seen the film yet, but just the trailer hit my thoughts….if you dint try the camino you can say how it is…..I didnt do the frances yet, but I walked through the primitivo, and the portugues alone and last year the ingles with my 12 yo son…..I am waiting my children growing up to take the time of walking the frances or el del norte o el de laplata, this year I am thinking of the sanabres, but until the summer I dont know, the trailer made me cry just because I understand what is walking alone……and searching for something that you dont know, life is simply walking and that’s it!!!

  • Linda C.

    Beautifully inspiring . Filled my heart. This film gave me the only chance to take this very spiritual walk…I felt a part of the group and loved them all. It’s a must for growing towards God . Jesus is with you the entire trip. The Estivezs have given us one great gift. God Bless you.

  • victor Morgado

    This movie is authentic. What blew my mind was the incident of the stolen back pack in Burgos …incidentally that happened to me on the same spot it happened to the pilgrim in the movie! that was in 1991….my back pack was stolen from the same spot…and the thief was a young gypsy also..I mean, how surreal it could get? in my case, the thief got busted in a similar alley…I called the police and they did the rest. I had to spend the rest of the day in Burgos for the end of the siesta, for an officer to write his police report about the incident…the report itself is a beautiful long epic poem ( I kid you not) something like a chapter of el Cid…..

  • My transition from couch potato to pilgrim began the moment I put the DVD of this marvel of a movie in the player. Camino del Norte beckons in September 2013. Thankyou Emilio and Martin.

  • Luke

    This movie introduced me to the Camino. It’s become a quest for me of sorts, wanting to walk my own Way.

  • compliance51

    The Way inspired me …saw it 9/2012 began 4/21/2013. Am on it now approaching Astorga but took 2 days off to go to Oviedo where the Camara Santa is displayed @ the Cathedral of San Salvador..have been thru snow n SJPP ice in Val Carlos n rain all ovr Spain not just n the plains….very cold unusual year but the most amazing journey of my life…thanks to the Estavez’ family …everyone speaks of the movie on the camino…

  • seaninspain

    Sorry to burst a balloon here but this film is candy floss. I have walked the Camino on six separate occasions and even met my wife there. Yes, it brings back fond memories and has some elements of authenticity, but there are so many cliches contained in it that it just grated by the end.

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  • www.cloggingalong@wordpress

    My parents are from Galicia. This movie has made me even more proud of this mystic, special land. I am inspired to be a better person by watching the movie, and of course, to do the actual Camino:)

  • boramoya

    I was in BLOCKBUSTERS as result of an offer they were running. The offer was join us and get 12 free DVID rentals. I picked up a copy of this film and having read the cover I was mesmerised. However I was unable to get it out as I did not have a blue ray player but I did trawl the internet to find the trailer….. after seeing the above trailer, the Camion was no longer something that I wanted to do but something I had to do…. Put everything aside, do not make any excuses, you only have one life and I can tell you this journey will transform you in a way you never thought possible.

  • Stacey

    we will be making the pilgrimage summer of 2014 with children very excited!

  • WTFisThisCrap

    I just watched “The Way”, and it brought tears to my eyes, after realizing why I would do it myself. What a great movie that touches the soul.

  • JamesinAK

    Absolutely incredible! Found this marvelous movie in the $5 bin at Walmart and after the first viewing went online and bought a $1700 airline ticket to Paris. I’ll be walking the Camino this spring! Buen Camino!

  • Silverado

    I have just watched the film and feel that it is an excellent preparation for a Camino trip. We’re off next week to St Jean on our first Camino and I must say that I found the film both inspirational and very emotive. It made me think all the more as to why I was doing the Camino other than a “because its there” type of challenge.

    I congratulate Martin and Emilio on making the film. I really enjoyed James Nesbitt’s character Jack – the Irish travel writer with writer’s block.

    What about a sequel?

  • patrb

    no very authentic… mr estevez please go on the camino and then rebuilt your movie

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