Thin or thick socks for the Camino de Santiago?


The question was:

I’m sure with my ‘training’ going to take place in the English winter, the socks will be very thick, now when it comes to Spain in spring, they are going to be a lot thinner. So to cover my bases I’m going to take 4 pairs, 2 very thin & 2 medium ones. What do others think?

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  1. After returning from Santiago after 800 km I would suggest to carry only 2 pairs of socks, reducing of weight is very important. The weather in this part of Spain at leat in the last weeks was not very warm (in June to August it might be different). So I would recommend thicker socks.

  2. I took 1000 milers as Greg says in his post……..but ended up wearing none at all !!…….My Keene hiking sandals were so comfortable, I went sock less…and never suffered blisters or smelly feet.
    Madame Mirabelle at Cizor Menor inspected my feet and said they were wonderfull!

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