Thoughts on the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago
Philip is a member of our Camino de Santiago forum. He has just finished the Camino and has written his experiences and many good advice. He says:

Now, in my life so far I have been around quite a bit. Among other things, I have trekked mountain gorillas in Rwanda, swum with tortoises in the Galapagos, escaped a hotel fire in Amman, gone up a mountain to a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan, driven across Arizona, scuba-dived in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, got sunburned in Persepolis, touched a glacier in Patagonia, seen the full moon rise over the minarets of Samarkand, got stuck in the equatorial forest of the Congo, accompanied the Greek Olympic team to the Beijing Games as one of their doctors, flown supersonic on the Concorde, and traipsed across India alone.

But walking 25 km a day and living out of an 8-kg backpack for 5 weeks presented a whole different bunch of challenges.

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