TIP: On photography and camera selection for the Camino

Camino de santiago tip


Not really a question, but some great tips related to photography and the selection of a camera for the Camino de Santiago.

For those of us who love photography, the Camino presents a dilemma. Leaving behind the large print and low light capabilities of an SLR can be stressful. There’s nothing worse than taking in the perfect sunset, only to have it rendered as a noisy mess on your point and shoot LCD. As someone who used to take my big DSLR everywhere, I urge you, leave it behind! You will not miss it. Trust me, you will miss so much of the beauty on the Camino if you have your face planted firmly behind the viewfinder all day.

As an alternative, there are two viable options. The first is to purchase a mirrorless camera with a compact prime. Second, I would suggest that you just use a smartphone and make the apps work for you. I used ProHDR and Camera+ for my iPhone and am really happy with the results.

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