Tips on transport from A Coruna (airport) to Ferrol

The question was:

OK – I’m just slightly freaked out about my Camino which starts on May 5th. I think I have everything set except for getting to Ferrol. I fly into A Coruna on Saturday morning from Barcelona and I’m trying to get to Ferrol at a reasonable hour (hopefully before the tourist center closes so I can get my sello, etc.).

I arrive at LCG around 10:30 and I’m trying to find out how to get from the airport to A Coruna then from A Coruna to Ferrol.

I miss the early trains so I think my best bet is the bus but I can’t seem to work out where the airport bus stops in town so that I can get the bus to Ferrol. Does anyone have any experience with getting to Ferrol by bus from the airport?

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