Top 25 most read threads in July

  1. The new and cleaned up Cathedral
  2. Too old?
  3. My Thoughts About The Camino
  4. El Pais: Down the wrong path: Spanish city fights against fake signs on Camino de Santiago
  5. Pilgrim drowns in Ourense
  6. Daily Distances v Risk of Injury for those who are not exactly Fit or Slim
  7. Warning to Women Walking Solo
  8. Tipping point
  9. Botafumeiro swings with a new scent
  10. What if you can’t get a bed?
  11. 10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!
  12. Compostela for baby conceived on Camino?
  13. A bad dream
  14. Is there any end to the concrete?
  15. Cleaning cruz de ferro
  16. Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month
  17. Tips & Tricks I Learned from the Camino
  18. Show me your tattoo
  19. Regrets of a pilgrim
  20. Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?
  21. Sticks or no sticks?
  22. Finisterre Beware!!!
  23. Cell phone manners at night
  24. Very bad pilgrims (Renaissance edition)
  25. Ibuprofen considerations

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