Top 5 memorable points on the Camino de Santiago

Top 5

The question was:

Over the 825 kms from St Jean to Santiago there must be places you remember most.To get the ball rolling here in no particular order are mine.

my first glimpse of Roncevalles…and knowing the end of day one was in sight

watching the sun come up from the top of O’Ceberio after an early walk

Touring Burgos cathedral as a pilgrim

coffee in that coffee shop next to the castle in ponferreda(excellent breakfast…top tip)

the municaple swimming pool outside Pamplona at Cizor Major…pilgrims get a big discount….and you swim..sun bathe and eat looking up at the next days walk to Padron

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  1. León Cathedral and the sight of the red, green and white plastic chairs off in the distance, knowing you are close to a Café con Leche or a cold drink!

  2. Crossing the Pryenees in driving rain; Roncesvalles at the end of the day; Alto de Pardon; rainbows at Cruz de Farro; seeing the cathedral in Santiago for the first time.


  4. Finally seeing El Acebo appear after that long mountain walk on top of the world.

  5. I had accidentally packed another pilgrims shirt one morning leaving the albergue. We had both left our shirts drying on the same heater, it was dark and I just grabbed it. I felt so bad when I arrived in Melide and noticed my mistake. I had walked 35kms that day and I knew I was ahead of him.

    I noticed my shirt was missing from my bag, as pilgrims they can be as precious as gold. I could wear his but I knew mine would be too small for him. I washed it in the hopes I would run into him again. Two days later, I had stopped at a small cafe and was preparing to leave when he arrived along with two other pilgrims he was traveling with. They invited me to share cake with them, it was his 76th birthday. I was so happy to give him his present, and he had a present for me too! My shirt, also freshly laundered! It was an awesome day!! 🙂

  6. The top of the Pyrenees mountains the first day. The horses and sheep above the tree line and the clouds with the wind whipping over the mountains. great place for a picnic and some unforgettable photos.

  7. Only 5 ;( Ok in random order:
    1 The walk in the burning sun on the calzada romana from Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Relegios
    2 Singing with the sisters, who where playin guitar, at the albergue del Convento the Santa Clara at Carrion de los Condes
    3 Service with the monks at ten in the evening and the walk in the dark through the Monasterio de Samos.
    4 Walking with my two stones in my hand from Foncebadon to the Cruz de Ferro and do my pray at the cruz and leave my Stones behind.
    5 Service at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela and watching and smelling the Botafumerio through the church.

    Finished yesterday and now on my way to Finisterre and Muxia.

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