Toronto Star: Curing isolation with a long walk

The Toronto Star recently had an article about the camino to Santiago. The article is not so much focusing on the actual walk, but on the other things that you might get out of walking the camino.

Thousands of pilgrims find kindred souls, and themselves, on Earth’s long and winding roads.

Despite email, BlackBerrys and social networking sites – or perhaps because of them – we are more and more isolated from one another, turning desperately to self-help books for the comfort of spirituality that faith communities once offered, a Canadian Mennonite theologist and author says.

But it’s nothing a good walk won’t fix. Across the top of Spain, if you can swing it. Along the Niagara Escarpment, if you can’t. “For me, really my first experience was the Bruce Trail, which is not a traditional pilgrimage site,” says the former Kitchener resident.

The rest of the article can be read here.