Traveling the camino by wheelchair?

Traveling the camino by wheelchair?

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I was wondering if anyone has or knows of anyone who has done the camino Francé from St Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles to Santiago in a wheelchair?.. or if there is a route available for disabled people to travel it? …If there is not one then I would be interested to hear from people interested in trying to make one ..not just for wheelchair users, but also for the blind or people with other disabilities who would find the normal traditional route difficult or impossible to use…..Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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  1. I never saw a person in a wheelchair on the way, but I did see a couple pushing a baby stroller. I did wonder to myself how they got up and down the hills. Unless you plan to stay on a highway near the camino, I would suggest there are many places where you encounter rocky step-like paths. At other times, sandy soil that would inhibit free movement. I think you would have to plan carefully to bypass those places. Perhaps someone with some experience will respond.

  2. Hello, I can say I did not see any during my walk this past August from St. Jean but last years Camino statistics for 2012 states that 22 people received the Compestela who did at least 100k in a wheelchair. It doesnt say where they started. I would never say its impossible. But the actual route the “Camino Frances” has alot of up and down hills with no real path. Sometimes damn near vertical. Also, a good bit of the route is old Roman roads that are mostly rocks and stones. I would like to know how those 22 people listed did it..

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