Travelodge to open hotels along the camino francés?

El Correo Gallego reports today that Travelodge are considering building hotels along the camino francés. They had some initial meetings with the Xunta in Galicia recently.

Travelodge is a low-cost hotel that, if they actually do this, would offer pilgrims a room for about €35,- / night.

I wonder if some of the spirit of the camino will be gone if pilgrims sleep in Travelodge’s instead of the local albergue?

4 Replies to “Travelodge to open hotels along the camino francés?”

  1. I think it is great the Travelodge is opening hotels along the Camino. I personally would not use them as I think some of the spirit would be lost. However there are many people that do not think like me and a comfortable, quiet, clean (albeit more expensive) place to rest may help them take the decision to travel along this beautiful path.

  2. I think it would be awful to have Travelodge along the Camino. After that I guess MacDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken would be next 🙁

  3. It would be great to spend a night at a hotel. I spent night at a hotel in Ocebreiro when the albergue was closed and we were so tired to go the next one 7 kms away. I dont think the camino experience would be watered down if one stays at a travellodge. staying in solitude once in a while away from some of the worst behaved pilgrims is nice.

  4. I understand, I am on the Camino now, but Iwould be horrified if a Travelogdge appeared on the Camino, a lovely Spanish hotel maybe but a Travelodge would be a blot on the beautiful landscape.

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