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  1. My companion and I are leaving from NYC, JFK, on American Airlines. It was the best value and accommodated our dates of travel. We’ve encountered a little problem with the return flight from Santiago at the end of our trip. The earlier flight through Iberian Airlines was cancelled, leaving only afternoon/evening flights to Madrid. It would mean missing our original flight home on American. We will take the later flight from Santiago and spend an extra night in Mardrid. Not all that unpleasant.

  2. We have been checking airlines also, and so far have found that it is cheaper to fly into Paris on United Airlines and take a train down from there.

    1. We’re flying into Paris in late June via Air France and will be taking train down to St. Jean. Getting excited!

  3. We found a cheaper flight from Boston to Barcelona on KLM…although flights to Madrid are about $40 less. For some reason, flights to Paris were significantly higher for our dates. We are arriving in Barcelona on April 18!! so soon!

  4. Whatever you do, do NOT fly Iberia! They lost my backpack which I had to check on the way over to Spain from NYC. It took them almost 4 days to locate and return it to me and each person from Iberia I spoke to in tracking it down gave me and my family the run around. They claim to reimburse you for costs incurred from your missing baggage. I ended up buying a new backpack and a few other supplies. It took them 9 months and lots of follow up on my end before I was reimbursed for the backpack only.

  5. I am flying from Charlotte to Dublin, then taking Ryan Air on to Biarritz…then train to St. Jean. I am returning by flying to Madrid and then back to Charlotte. Seemed like the best deal and gets me into St. Jean faster….about 4:40 PM. Friends who flew through Paris head to endure three different trains and got in late.

  6. I flew from Canada 3 days ago with delta and sister airline airfrance.Boston to Paris, Paris to Bilbao.Flight from Toronto to Bilbao was 900 after tax.Although, Im here a day later still waiting for my backpack.

  7. For me, the easiest way to get from Charlotte to SJPP (and least expensive is to fly direct from here to Dublin and then take Ryan Air to Biarritz and then bus to Bayonne, train to SJPP. Returning, I fly Iberia from Santiago to Madrid and then direct back to Charlotte….I would never have thought of Dublin as a useful hub for this trip!

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