Vegan IS possible on the Camino de Santiago

The post of the forum starts with…

Hi everyone! This is a bit long, but bear with me because it’s important. 

 Something I thought about often while walking the Camino (Frances and Portuguese) was how easy, accessible and delicious it was to eat 100% vegan the whole time (I was even able to eat whole foods plant based, i.e. “healthy vegan”, for most of my meals!). I really want to share this with anyone who comes across my post because I have seen SO many people in various Camino forums say that it simply isn’t possible and you should start introducing animal products into your diet in preparation. That’s nonsense, I promise you! Furthermore, I even met a woman on the Camino who’s vegan and told me she was buying baby food at the store because she didn’t know what else to eat – I couldn’t believe it! 

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