Vegetarian food on the camino?

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I’m a vegetarian and don’t necessarily want to go to a cafe or restaurant every night just to get something that doesn’t have meat in it, I’m not going to have that much money to spend. Do the albergues offer vegetarian meals?

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  1. April 11/2011

    Not all the Albergues provide a Meal. Those that do rely heavily on
    Pasta and some salads. You should be able to “hodpodge” a Vegetarian
    meal at most Albergues.

    The are small stores near most Albergues – I think you will be OK.

  2. Being a vegetarian on the camino was pretty bad. You are basically stuck with cheese sandwiches, tortillas, and salads. All soups had meat in it even when they often would say it didn’t. I felt incredibly malnutritioned by the end with a lack of vegetables.. even though they grow everywhere they don’t seem to serve them sadly. You can make your own food as much as you can but in some towns the food selection is terrible. Restaurants with images of the pizza, pasta, and paellas are all microwaved and are all the same all over Spain so you are better to save your money and make your own as there is not nutrition in anything microwaved.

  3. on the camino you must eat pilgrim meal, is good is not espensive and is healthy, very healthy at least one twice for day, after sandwiches,tortillas, etc.

  4. Not easy for vegetarians, but if you dont mind pasta and salad your Ok. Most albergues have some sort of kitchen so you can self cater, although sometimes this is just a microwave. Baked potatoes in the microwave are a good option. Some albergues offer a communal meal which is often very meaty but some will try to cater for you if you tell them your vegetarian. The pilgrims meals in restaurants are usually 3 courses with the main one being meaty but you can usually ask for two different starters instead. This usually means pasta and salad at every meal! You can survive as a vegetarian. I did. But you wont get anything very exciting or nutritious.

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