Walking from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Sarria to Santiago

The question was:

Me and my mother are going to walk Sarria -Santiago, we have 10 days and three are travelingdays.

I saw that the best option probably is to take the bus from Santiago to Sarria and walk the way back. But we feel that it would be like opening the biggest christmas present before christmas :roll:

Got a tips from the pilgrimage office in norway that we can take buss number 200 from the airport and will get to Avenue de America, where do we fint the bus to Sarria? Do we need to book a room? We are gonna walk from 10-20 April!

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  • Patrice

    I am also walking around that time, April 12th – 18th, with my mother aged 81 and my four sisters. We are with an organised group, and meeting at Leon. I believe the bus transport is very good in Spain. good Luck.

  • devedev

    Walking from Sarria is like going to the New York marathon and running the last three miles.

    • somuch

      Try to understand, everyone has different circumstances. It may seem like ‘cheating’ but not everyone has enough vacation to walk the entire Camino.

    • Elaine McCrorie

      well just reading this today 2017 and have been hardly been able to walk the length of myself for many years and next year I will hopefully walk the last part from Sarria to Camino and if I met you I would tell you where to go !

  • devedev

    But its very commendable for someone of 81 years. hope I can do it at that age. Good luck.

    • Janete Clark

      I did the Camino since Sarria,,I arrived by train since Leon,,I styed at Hostel El Durmiento,,,,,very nice dinner!..And recomended me to take the backpack carrier.( 4 euros).until my next Hostel in Portomarin.,,,,

  • lemontree

    Regarding devedev’s comment – why would you feel the need to make a comment that in no way assisted the person asking the question? Not everything in life is black and white. I hope life stays so straight forward and unrewarding for you.

  • Tonyscamino

    devedev, am I to presume you have walked from home to Santiago then back again? like a true pilgrim? in truth the airport is far enough away from the magic of the old town to ruin the experience. it is also very convenient. You must return to experience the other very different sections of the walk some day!

  • Carla from Canada

    I will be in Malaga prior to our hike, which will be starting in Saaria. Does anyone have suggestions of how to get to Saaria from Malaga (or Madrid), then back to Madrid from Santiago de Compestela after the hike to get my flight back to Canada?
    Many thanks
    Carla from Canada

    • Karen Ryan

      I’m doing the same and plan to use the train system. go to the RENFRE website.

  • Karin

    You have enough time to walk Sarria-Santiago de Compostela in seven days. You can take the bus from La Estación de Autobuses (bus station) in S. de Compostela to Lugo, then change in Lugo (small bus station) and go by another bus to Sarria. It´s better to change than to take a direct bus to Sarria, because it´s faster. There are several buses a day. When you arrive to Sarria, the bus station is quite far away from the walkingroad / pilgrimroad, the albergues, the church Santa Mariña and the Monasterio de la Magdalena, where you have to take out your pilgrim passes, so my advice is you take a taxi to the church and then look for accomodation, close to the church Santa Mariña, where there are many hostels / albergues. The street where the many hostels are, is called Rúa Maior (=Storgatan). Anyway, some of them might be closed, when there isn´t high season, but there should always be a couple of them open in April and the Albergue in the Monasterio de la Magdalena should be open, too.

    If you have the Church Santa Mariña behind you, walking upwards Rúa Maior, soon you´ll have an albergue at your right side about 150-200 meters up, that´s very good. The entrance is small, and it´s called “Albergue International” something, with small flags sticked into the window and a pilgrim in an outstanding sign like an arch, on the outside wall. It´s cheap, clean and the rooms are not too big. It´s worth a try! Sorry I don´t remember the name. BUT, they have no food or breakfast there! Be careful with the breakfastprices in Sarria! Ask first! The dinner places are more or less the same as everywhere and don´t expect gourmet food! It´s just food to fill the belly with!!! There are several restaurants and coffee bars at Rúa Maior clos to the albergues. Don´t forget to buy your pilgrim pass the day before you start your walk!

    I don´t recommend April as a good month for a pilgrim walk, because of the almost always very bad weather then. April and the last two weeks of october into mid november, are the rainiest months in Spain! Sometimes the rains are very heavy for days and sometimes for weeks, like this year -13! If you´ll walk anyway, think about not having a too heavy backpack! I had, and I regret it SO MUCH! You may enjoy your walk a LOT more if you have a tiny, tiny backpack with four to five kilos as much (or less) if you are a woman and six to eight kg as much, if you are a man. It doesn´t make sence wearing a heavy backpack that destroy your walk!

    I wish you a pleasant walk=buen camino and I hope your experience will be at least as good as mine, which was a wonderful experience I´ll never forget!!!

    God bless you and buen camino!

    Kindest regards, Karin. .

    • JGGoose

      Thanks for all your information Karin. My friend and i are doing this walk in early October. Hope the rain holds off. Not sure what airport to fly into as ye, have heard plus and minus for Madrid, Barcelona and Oporto. We are flying from Toronto, what do you suggest? Who helped you plan, did you have a travel agent you can recommend? Regards Judy

  • Karin

    It took me and my friend two hours and 30 minutes approx. by bus from Santiago de Compostela to Sarria with transfer in Lugo! Don´t take the direct bus to Sarria! It stops at every small village, farm or lonely house and it´ll take hours and hours to get to Sarria!
    Read my earlier message below! It might be useful for you, too!

    ¡Buen camino!
    Kindest regards, Karin.

  • sarah driscoll

    My friend and i walked from Sarria to Santiago the end of March last year and what an amazing time we had, we are now hooked on the whole experience. We hired a taxi to take us to Sarria, which was not too expensive. Just make sure your boots are well worn as there are a lot of hills and rough terrain to cross. With out doubt the best book to read and follow is the John Brierley books. Our favorite private accommodation was in Palais de Rei – Casa Benilde, very clean and friendly with a great breakfast – you will love the whole experience.

    • karen

      That is when my daughter and I plan to go. How many days did you take? can it be done in 5?

      • Joe

        Yes it can but figure doing25k, 25k, and 30k your third day. Your last two days will be around 20k each.

  • Szilvia

    Dear All, I am also walking from Sarria to Santiago and I got really useful information here. Since this is my first time of the pilgrimage and I do not have any friends who did it before I have to rely on your advices, please help me, if you have any info. My questions are that I arrive to Santiago at 21.15, is there a night bus to Lugo or Sarria? Where can I get the pilgrim’s passport in Sarria? Looking forward to your kind comments…

  • Caitlin

    How about “My mother and I etc.” instead of “Me and my mother.” Would you say “Me is going to walk to Santiago?” It makes me shudder to see “me” used as the subject. Please save the English language from such abuse.

    • CGLewis

      To echo lemontree’s post above, why would you feel the need to play English grammar police rather than address the question (now in the past, as the OP was walking in April)? It appears the OP is not a native English speaker; I wonder if your Norwegian and Spanish are as flawless as you would have us believe your English is.

      • Maria

        I am not a native speaker, but I’m glad about this comment. At least I learned how to use English properly.

  • Baiba

    Super tnx for info, we will go from 14.04 hope to do it in 5 deys! Wee still didnt book hostels-thinking do it on the wey! Meybee some good hostels sagestions?

  • Karen Ryan

    Do you think it is reasonable to do Sarria to Santiago in 5 days?

  • Tim Gerlitz

    We ran into a few folks similar to devedev on the Camino. They were judgmental about the reasons others were walking the trail (compared to their own), and critical about those who were unable to hike the entire pilgrimage. The Camino is entirely personal to each pilgrim…which is the lesson the judgmental hikers have yet to discover. When the mind is ready, a teacher will appear. It appears that some people on the Camino are not ready yet. Have an exceptional experience and journey!

  • Joe

    I just returned from that trip doing Sarria to Santiago in five days. Allow for six days to enjoy the scenery. Bus from Santiago to Lugo then take Monbus to Sarria about 13 Euros.