Walking poles or no walking poles on the Camino de Santiago?

The question was:

I really can’t decide. I appreciate that they make your life easier but will they make they walkers lot MUCH easier. I’ve used them before and I just feel slightly uncomfortable.

Read all the good walking pole advice on the Camino de Santiago.

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  1. Definitely poles. Could not have climbed some of these hills, nor descended, without them.

  2. the poles make all the difference – the joy of the collapsible nordic poles is that they are so easy to stow when not needed.  Also, I recommend 2 – you can always stow one, but walking down steep scree in the wet is so much safer and easier on the joints with 2. 

  3. I dint use them, but I agree with the rest of comments.
    Better to have them, they can make a real difference in you way.
    One pilgrim borrowed me his poles when I was suffering a big pain in my legs, and they really help me.
    If they are not heavy, is better to carry them;)

  4. I bought a wooden pole from a local on my first day. Only 3 Euros and was really helpful. Lost it 2 days outside of Santiago and so I grabbed one from the woods to finish up my walk. Really did make a difference. You should get one. A little bit of a hassle bringing it from home, unless it is colasped you have to check it. But there are plenty of places there to buy one.

  5. They reduce the wear on your feet, legs and hips by up to 30%. If you want to stay injury-free on the Camino, that’s a no-brainer. I loved mine!

  6. I didn’t have them and ended up with two stress fractures. I wonder if that would have helped prevent them. I will definitely use them on my next Camino.

  7. Use the sticks! It will help to relieve pain from hips, back and knees! Specially by going downhill. Like you I felt somewhat
    uncomfortable bit after a few days I did not want to part from them. Make sure to take poles with changable rubber or nylon tips! Specially while walking on streets, you can do without the noise and slippery metal tips. The last onces are fine on roads with a softer surface. Buen Camino!

  8. For me it was a must! I have used them for couple of years prior to the Camino, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without them.

  9. It does not make any sense to discuss this, it has been done before in hundereds of forums (Same as cotton versus modern fabrics). No matter wether you are pro (I am defenitly) or against, even if everything about it has been said, there is alway someone who starts a new comment with: “But I…”.

  10. Just got back from a March Camino. Could not have done it without my two walking poles. Saved my ankles from breaks, saved my entire body from falling down the path from Alto de Pardon, and other difficult ascents and descents. My 25 year old daughter who accompanied me (and surpassed me) also swears by them. The only advice I would suggest is to bring at least two extra tips . It’s really annoying when the metal tip works through the plastic and then you have to listen to the tap tap every time you hit pavement. Other than that I couldn’t recommend them more!

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