Walking the Camino de Santiago with an “uncommitted” partner

Walking the Camino de Santiago with an "uncommitted" partner

Not really a question, but an interesting obervation and discussion that might be useful. The comment was:

I’ve been wanting to do this for more than 10 years, and after my husband and I saw “the Way” it reinforced my desire to walk El Camino. Unfortunately he is a workaholic, altho he works for himself, he says he can’t be gone for a month. Even tho he agreed to travel with me, I’m quite nervous because he’s not commited to completing this. I know I could go alone, however I really feel this will be so good for us to do together. We plan to fly from San Diego to Paris 8/22, then fly to Biarritz, and train to SJPdP to begin 8/25. I’m getting both nervous and excited as its now a month away. Thanks for all the good posts, this forum has been so helpful! Looking forward to meeting fellow Peregrinos!

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