Walking the Camino de Santiago with an “uncommitted” partner

Walking the Camino de Santiago with an "uncommitted" partner

Not really a question, but an interesting obervation and discussion that might be useful. The comment was:

I’ve been wanting to do this for more than 10 years, and after my husband and I saw “the Way” it reinforced my desire to walk El Camino. Unfortunately he is a workaholic, altho he works for himself, he says he can’t be gone for a month. Even tho he agreed to travel with me, I’m quite nervous because he’s not commited to completing this. I know I could go alone, however I really feel this will be so good for us to do together. We plan to fly from San Diego to Paris 8/22, then fly to Biarritz, and train to SJPdP to begin 8/25. I’m getting both nervous and excited as its now a month away. Thanks for all the good posts, this forum has been so helpful! Looking forward to meeting fellow Peregrinos!

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  1. The only commitment is your own. Do whatever YOU want, decide where YOu want to go, determine your own speed of walk, experience YOURSELF, your own body and mostly your own feet will tell you when to stop. If you still have fear, think about more than millions of pilgrims completed El Camino since medieval times. Buen Camino, Liza

  2. Most Pilgrims start alone and meet up with compatible walking partners. They may change from day to day. If the hubby gets tired, be can take a bus to the next village. There is (at least) a daily bus along the whole way. I did the Camino Frances May/June 2012 and met couples who started together, but walked with others or alone and met up in Santiago. You will find the 100% flexibility on the Way. No need to be apprehensive at all. A big part of the experience is meeting new people. I started out alone and when I walked with fellow pilgrims, I jotted their name/email in my cell contact list so I wouldn’t forget. In Santiago, I counted more than 100 names.

  3. Good luck to you! El Camino will make you feel like a new person. Too bad your husband didn’t go with you. God Bless! I

  4. Compostela meaning: star field. The way is an expression and example of our own lives. A walk in our own lives surrounded by stars. If you are looking for himself, finds God. if you are looking to find God, , you’ll find yourself . Buen camino.

  5. I met a lady in her fifties when I was walking. Her husband was going to meet her in Santiago, and I was privileged to be there when they met up in the square. It was very beautiful. She missed him, and by the look of things he had missed her 🙂 but she had a great experience.
    You will too. However it works out.
    Buen Camino my sister.

  6. My partner has foot pain so obviously he won’t be going. He won’t walk around the block with me let alone across Spain. He loves riding his motorcycle and I don’t enjoy that so we just each do what pleases us individually as far as vacations. I would think it might tarnish your trip if you are too focused on his wellbeing. If nothing else, he might do a week or more with you then let you continue on your own once you are comfortable with that, while he goes back to his job if he decides he wants to. Have a wonderful trip, regardless!

  7. My spouse and I happily spend our free time together and have for several decades. I anticipated walking the Camino with him, but I sensed some hesitation, a lack of enthusiasm…he finally suggested that I might want to do the walk alone. “It is your dream,” he said. I was taken aback momentarily, but the idea quickly grew on me. I am grateful that I had the courage to go on my own. The man stayed home with our dog while I walked for 40 days, e-mailing him along the way. It would have been a different experience together, but I learned so many things about myself. I have always agreed with Kahlil Gibrahn’s advice – let there be spaces in your togetherness…and have been an independent woman, but this experience was definitely something I needed to do alone…it was a pilgrimage not a hike. – Ginn (Apr-Jun 2009)

  8. I recruited my brother to share my Camino adventure. I felt very confident he would share my sense of commitment which would make the journey more fun. My husband also works to hard & was not interested in the hiking. As we walked both my brother & I met many other people so that we were not alone with each other every minute of the day. The Camino experience can be very intense. It is great to share it with someone. I believe you should go with someone who wants to be there.

  9. I went with my husband and I was the uncommitted one. But I finished it and got so much satisfaction I am going to publish a book on the trials and glories we both experienced. So, go with an open mind, let him know you will love him even if he quits the first day, and then let the Camino work its magic on your husband.

  10. My other and I are traveling and both committed but plan on different schedules to meet up along the way and together in Santiago. We also start last week of july one more month, our bags are hanging on bedpost fully loaded as we practice our 10mile hikes everyday. We look forward to this experiment of walking together yet apart so we can allow the full Camino experience to ourselves. read this forum everyday, you will be surprised how prepared you find the information.

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