Walking the Camino Frances a second time. Good or bad idea?

Walking the Camino Frances a second time... good or bad idea?

The question was:

… And that’s the main focus of this thread – the Frances second time around, good idea or bad idea? I absolutely loved it in 2012 and made some wonderful friends along the way. I’m guessing starting in early July will be noticeably more busy than it was starting in late May two years ago, but that’s not my main reservation. My fear/anxiety is that second time around it just won’t feel the same, that in retreading my steps I’ll be thinking about 2012 and all the people I met and what I was doing the last time I was in town X or village Y. It can’t be the same second time around, I know that, but do I risk sullying my perfect memories of the first time around or should I just go into it with that sense that no two Caminos are ever the same and try not to think in terms of comparisons. …

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