Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new website. The forum is still here, and this main page will have some Santiago related content. The forum still will be focused on the pilgrimage.


Greetings from Santiago de Compostela,

5 Replies to “Welcome to the new site”

  1. Wow Ivar, what a page! You have been busy!
    Thank you for your work…. it benefits us all pilgrims.

  2. Fabulous! Lots of information and the forum as well! Definitely the silver lining in the dark cloud! Thanks again, Ivar!
    Buen Camino,

  3. Ivar! It looks great! Refreshing and I feel like opening everything! Bravo! Esta lindo!


  4. Congratulations Ivar! out of something negative there comes a positive! The page looks terrific – you have been very busy and done a terrific job. Thank you from myself and I’m sure everyone else who visits your page for all the valuable information. well don! Jane

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