What about Camping as apose to Albergues?

Tent on the Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Myself and my dad, are starting in SJPDP on the 9th of July.. We only have a couple of weeks or so, and so our target this time round is Burgos. We will return as soon as we are able to complete the second half..

We plan to camp a lot of the time. I like the idea that there is no rush to get to an albergue. You can just walk until you fancy, and hopefully set up camp where you want.. (Within reason of course) I just wondered how many others did/do the same?  Ive not read much on here about people camping, which maes me wonder if its quite rare?. Do the people who stay at albergues carry a tent just in case? Ive heard that many albergues have courtyards etc. And that people are able to camp in there :lol:

With it being July when we walk, I can imagine it will be rather hot to say the least :) And so a sleeping bag doesnt exactly appeal. But its better to have it than not, especially on the pyrenees. Do you agree?  We are going to try and keep our sack weight to approx 7.5 kilo.

If you have camped along the camino, I would love to hear your story :) Or even if youve walked it in July. Would be good to hear from you :)

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