What about those we leave at home?

The question is from 2012, but still relevant:

My beloved is, I realise belatedly, stressed and distressed by my planned pilgrimage. I am taking the Camino Frances in April. We have been together some thirty odd years now and have never been apart for as long as the five weeks or so that it will take me to reach Santiago and Finisterre.

I have and will continue to try to assure her that – I am going because of a deep felt need, will return when I am done and that my love for her has not and will not change.

Yet, I have seen many entries on this forum that suggest that for many this journey leads to profound change; that many are drawn back to the way time after time, that the way becomes a way of life. I think this is my beloved’s ultimate fear- that she might lose me to the way.

I realise fully that our own relationship is not a topic for this forum but I would appreciate others experiences of any impacts and effects and guidance on how to offer assurances to “those left behind”.

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