What are the albergues with architectural or historical importance?

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The other thread with albergues not to miss is huge!!! We personally would rather try to spend our nights in old churches, monasteries, etc when ever possible than more modern better equipped stops.

Which are the albergues that we should not miss taking history and architecture as the 1st priority?

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  1. la foto el monasterio de samos, aqui hay un albergue pegado a la fachada del monasterio, pero no esta dentro! es un edificio pegada a la fachada.. si quieres entrar al monasterio deberas pagar para visitar un tour turistico! en mi opinion una de las mejores noches las pase en el albergue de foncebadon!

  2. Do not miss Roncesvalles,the first day of your CAMINO if you start in Spain.

    Buen camino.

  3. Roncesvalles, San Juan de Ortega…santo Domingo de la calzada…( if not ancient, it carries much legend) Carrion de los condes ( one literally sleeps touching the wall of the 1000 years old church)

  4. Some others not mentioned ; The Cluny in Sahagun , The Parish albergue in Bercianos and the Municipal in Mansilla.

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