4 Replies to “What are the rules at an Albergue?”

  1. Acima de tudo as regras nos albergues. È o respeito por tudos os que compartilham por uma noite o mesmo espaço. Espaço de partilha, de descanço, de retemperança para jornada seguinte, qualquer que seja o proposito da sua peregrinação.

  2. don’t worry about things, you will very soon fit into a pilgrims lifestyle, I found the camino one of the most amazing journey’s I have ever taken. Pilgrims have many things in common the first being respect for each other – just one big happy family. Of course there’s a few house rules like no wearing your boots inside, clearing up after you have used the kitchen, lights out early in the evening, not getting up before 5am. Nothing that is not unreasonable behavior. bien camino

  3. Most pilgrims are generally considerate towards others and abide by any rules. Occasionally the odd one is far too selfish and doesn’t care about anyone else except themselves. Trying to hold beds for others, taking buses to get there first, etc.

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