4 Replies to “What are the unwritten rules at an Albergue?”

  1. Okay, off the top of my head:

    – Be quiet
    – Don’t spread smelly odors
    – leave the place like you’d love to find it
    – don’t steal
    – don’t create opportunities for others to steal from you
    – don’t make a mess


  2. It seems to be an easy question, but really it isn’t. I’ve done the camino twice, in 2009 (Camino del Norte) and in 2012 (Camino Portugues). 4 years ago it was more “traditional”, and therefore easy – come before 10 p.m., leave befofe 10 a.m., don’t disturb other pilgrims (not inly with a noise, but also with your company and stupid questions), no alcohol, no parties. Everybody seemed to follow it, so the idea of Camino was of a individual spiritual search and leaving your normal environment to face Real You. The last year everything was different – it looked like everyone wanted to make friends and have fun: people speaking aloud, people going out, calling for pizzas, everybody wanted to speak to you, but this time not about some philosophical experience, just ordinary things, as if we were in camping. Firts I didnĀ“t like it, and then i thought – itĀ“s still a Camino, and nevertheless it teaches you something.

    I would offer just one SHOULD – respect to those who surrounds you and be yourself. Camino is not a set of rules to follow, and each one has itĀ“s Caminos, thereĀ“no right or wrong ways.

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