What are your reasons for walking the Camino?

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Once again, I apologize if this is being addressed or has been addressed elsewhere, but wondering if others would like to share their reason(s) for doing the Camino, and maybe what sort of impact it had on their life, if any …

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  1. My reasons why I went to Camino, had to find a way to God and to me be clear. What I want to do in the future.
    Now I know what I want, the way to God is still long and I’m still not arrived.

    1. I learned of the Camino in 2009 from a classmate in theology school, I did my research and started from Ronscevales and got as ar as Burgos where I had to stop due to chest cold and could not go on. Next year was back in Burgos and completed it . Ever since have walked a Camino except for this year. Up and ready for next year.

  2. I wish I knew but the truth is I really have no reason other then I know that its something I WILL do at some point in the next few years. I’m not religious in the least but I would find it much easier to think over such matters on the Camino then elsewhere.

    For me, to walk would lay down a marker point. To know when I return from it that whatever else I did walk the Camino. People say it stays with you forever and it changes you. Maybe thats reason enough

  3. The man who first told me about the Camino said: “you walk at your own pace & stay at monasteries at night”. I went for the athletic challenge, time to be alone & to experience a “pilgrimage”. It was all of those, but I will make it more of a time with the Lord when I go again. I am going April 26, 2011, but am taking my 33 year old son. This trip will be to have quality time with him while he’s still single. I will go again alone to have more of a time with the Lord.

  4. At first it was just curiosity and while walking it dawned on me that I was looking for further purpose in my life and inspiration for a new book. It resulted in ‘The camino with me, myself and I.’ sharing my experiences.

  5. I just did it 3 months ago (500 miles)…I am going to turn 50 in January and it was a dream for me… The first time I said that I will walk the Camino de Santiago… I was 18 years old… Then I got married, had children… And this year was the good year… The camino helped me to clarify my life… All the problems that I never solved came back to me and I worked on it… I cried a lot, I laughed a lot, I met wonderful people… It is a life experience… I am so in peace now…

  6. I like hiking, outdoors, Spain, and the history of Camino. And, the movie “The Way”. The spiritual reasons were lower in the totem pole. However, the results of the walk was the soul healing and faith clarification.

  7. About four years ago now, my wife and I, along with our long time friends, Jim and Anna, were on a cruise, where we stopped in Cadiz Spain. We booked our own driver/guide, who took us to Santiago de Compostella for a day trip. Thats where we first learned of the Camino, Pilgrims, etc.. I started doing some research about the Camino, then we saw “the” movie, “The Way”…I knew I wanted to do the Camino. I love emersion type vacations and what better way to see a country than to walk it. I also understood the spiritual aspects and really felt it would be an experience I would enjoy and gain something from. In September, the four of us completed the last 114 km of the Camino from Sarria to Santiago. We then went on to Muxia and Finisterra, then flew to Barcelona and spent two days in Montserrat, then five days in Barcelona. It was a trip of a lifetime! We all are talking about going back after we retire and can take more time, starting in SJPDP and doing the entire Camino. Again, it was an amazing experience and one I’m so glad we did.

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