What I learned on my first Camino!

What I learned on my first Camino!

Not really a question, but some interesting observations from one pilgrim:

I learned a lot on my first Camino (sept. 5-oct.15th) of this year.
1. friends are made quickly and come in all shapes/sizes/ages
2. earplugs are a mans best friend
3. it’s amazing how well you can live on bocadillos, cafe con leche and beer
4. you will be faced with the ultimate hard choice….continuing to walk with your new found friends or staying behind to enjoy a particularly nice town
5. when oohing and ahhing about how cool it is to walk down the road taking photos of a farmer moving his cows to a new pasture, be sure to watch where you step
6. the path to Samos is magical. i mean that literally. walking that peaceful path i couldn’t help but feel the magic/power/divine essence that was there.
7. eat/walk/wash/sleep….the Camino in a nutshell. if only the rest of life were so simple
8. those friends you parted with so you could sightsee? you’ll magically be reunited, if only for a short time (so get email addresses!)
9. the rest of the world is continuing on as usual.enjoy your time away
10. it’s never to early to start planning the next one :D

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